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March 18, 2020

Subject:  HVAC Service Warranty


To all Homeowners:


With the recent escalation of fears associated with the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we at Sonoran Mechanical Systems have re-evaluated how we need to conduct our operations.  While we have internally communicated and addressed methods to avoid transmission of viruses within our company, a risk assessment of how our employees can be affected in areas out of our control was necessary.  We have developed a plan of action to minimize the risk that should be acceptable to all parties.


Our Warranty Service Technicians have significant interaction with homeowners multiple times per day, and it became quite clear that this would necessitate changes in how service calls are prioritized during this time of heightened awareness, to minimize potential exposure for both Technician and Homeowner.  By prioritizing the type of service calls conducted, we can limit the amount of person-to-person interaction that is currently creating an increased risk to both our Employees and Homeowners. 


Effective immediately, Sonoran Mechanical Systems will provide service calls for emergency warranty calls only.  We define an emergency warranty call as one that puts homeowners at risk for physical harm such as water leaks or mechanical failures that pose an imminent threat to homeowner safety (including situations such as the smell of burning from the ductwork, exceptionally loud noises from outdoor & indoor equipment, or other signs of equipment failure that may present a fire hazard).  “No-Cool” calls are to be considered emergencies only when the outside temperature is equal to or exceeds 90°F.  “No-Heat calls are to be considered emergencies when the outside temperature is equal to or falls below 60°F.  We encourage people to call and schedule warranty work as normal, with the understanding of our current approach regarding service calls. Currently, it is unknown how long Sonoran will keep this policy in place, as the situation develops day-by-day.


Being a company of integrity, it is important to Sonoran Mechanical Systems that our customers understand that we do not intend to default on any warranty associated with the equipment or workmanship of our installations.  When the sensitivity of the current crisis has passed, we will make every effort to work through any backlog of non-emergency service requests and rectify each situation to the best of our ability.  We hope that you will find this to be a mutually agreeable effort to provide essential services while minimizing risk to affected persons.




Jim Hasbach (Safety Manager)

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